Sign Up for Sports Performance Training at Universal Athletic Club (UAC)

The best of the best don’t rise to the top without a little hard work. For many of the world’s top athletes, sports training is the secret sauce for rising to the top while maintaining athletic health. 

Why should you consider training for sports? The short answer is that there are many benefits to doing so, all of which contribute to an increase in overall sports performance. Whether you’re looking to improve your agility and speed, or your focus is on building strength and core stability, Universal Athletic Club (UAC) in Lancaster, PA offers blended training programs designed to maximize speed and strength and bolster your athletic performance.

Sports Training for Strength Gains

One major benefit of adopting an athletic training program is targeted strength conditioning. Beyond what you can do in practice and through self-discipline and cobbling together your own makeshift training program from your own research online. 

Our trainers will help you tailor and refine a strength training program that works for you one that targets conditioning and strengthening the muscles most important in your sport of choice. Whether you’re focusing on improving core tension for rock climbing, a squat and lower body regiment to improve your time off the line, a focus on targeting the right muscle groups can give you a serious competitive edge.

The Advantages of Training Speed and Agility

Building speed is more than spending a lot of time sprinting. Beyond the obvious advantages of being able to outrun your opponents, speed and agility training will help you increase dynamic flexibility and balance as well as core strength.  

Recovery time can have a big impact on training and performance. When an athlete isn’t conditioned for running, fast movements and adjustments can lead to injuries. The right athletic training program can promote injury prevention and athletic health so that you can continue to participate in the sport you love for years to come. 

Why Choose UAC for Sports Training?

Our facility is family friendly, and our sports performance training programs are suitable for youth athletes between the ages of 7 and 18. Why? Because UAC recognizes that encouraging a child’s skills from a young age can not only set them apart from their peers but foster a strong sense of individual confidence that translates both on and off the field.

If you’re local to Lancaster, PA, what are you waiting for? Start your 3-day free trial today. Have more questions? Feel free to drop by and check out our state-of-the-art sports training facility, chat with our staff and instructors, and take a tour to see what UAC has to offer.