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Personal Training near Lancaster City, PA

Universal’s one-on-one personal training gives you results, not excuses.

Certified personal trainers in Lancaster City, PA get to know you, your goals and your limits before developing a unique personal training plan to help you dominate your health and fitness goals. UAC personal trainers keep you motivated by continuously adapting your workout to prevent boredom and challenge your strengthening body.

gym east petersburg

Small Group Training near Lancaster City, PA

Look, Move & Feel Better

Small group fitness training near Lancaster City is a great alternative to working out solo and because class sizes are limited, it provides more instructor interaction along with the support and camaraderie of other members. It’s more personal than large group exercise, but never boring! It is important to note that a small group training program needs to be just as specifically and technically designed as a personal training one.

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Lancaster City Group Fitness
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