Biggest Fitness Obstacles Blocking Your Success
3 Biggest Fitness Obstacles


The biggest of your fitness obstacles is your lack of time to exercise.  There are so many events that occur in our day-to-day lives that are out of our control.  At Universal we have solutions for you no matter how little time you have.  There is no magic number for how long a workout should last. No matter how much time you have, we’ve got you covered! 

  • To form a habit, make health a priority and schedule your workout on your calendar each week, start slow and build.  Don’t miss your scheduled workout.  When you don’t want to exercise remember what it is that is motivating you to exercise, (better health, lose weight, life event?)  Do it for YOU!
  • Short on time, only have 30 minutes? Head to the circuit room, plug in your earbuds, and work through the 11 easy-to-follow exercise machines. This full body circuit is designed to maximize your workout on a tight schedule.
  • Hop on one of our many cardio machines, and watch your favorite show while you exercise! Or try a 30 minute TBS class, where you’ll get a series of efficient and effective body-sculpting exercises led by a nationally certified personal trainer.
  • Find a workout buddy or plan on going to a regularly scheduled group fitness class, where you need to be on time!
  • Too many time constraints today, and can’t make it to the club? Jump on to one of our live-streamed group fitness classes using the Universal Fitness Training app so that you can keep working toward your goals.
  • Need more accountability – try any of our personal training programs!


You don’t know what to do or where to start to meet your fitness goals. You scanned your membership card at the front desk and….now what?  Don’t worry our knowledgeable Fitness Concierge will help you develop a customized fitness plan to meet your unique needs and fitness goals and help you overcome all your fitness obstacles.

  • If you need more accountability and an individualized or small group environment. Our Certified Personal Training Staff can help you feel & look better fast and meet your goals.
  • Like a group setting, but not sure about personal training?  Try one of our Les Mills Group Fitness classes, where you follow along with a certified instructor and get a great workout designed by professionals to get you the best workout ever!


Another fitness obstacle is that you lack the motivation to start a fitness plan.  At Universal, our friendly staff and accepting members create a welcoming environment and are here to help you stay motivated throughout your fitness journey.  We have lots of ideas to keep your motivation going!

  • Huge variety of Les Mills Group Fitness Classes for every fitness and interest level, see our group fitness schedule.
  • Looking to shake things up from your normal routine?  Head down to our beautiful Aquatics Center and swim laps, tread water or do what FEELS good.
  • Looking to be re-energized?  Try one of our Mind/Body classes for an hour of healing, meditation, and self-reflection, to keep you motivated to come back for more!