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The Fastest Way To Become A Better Athlete in Rohrerstown, PA

The Universal Athletic Club Sports Performance team near Rohrerstown, PA helps youth build athletic skills by applying a scientific and innovative approach to training. Our state-of-the art facility combined with nationally certified sports performance coaches design training sessions that are specific to each athlete’s goals. You'll receive professional training for sports near Rohrerstown, PA.

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Athletic Evaluation

Prior to starting the Sports Performance program in Rohrerstown, PA, a certified coach will conduct an Athletic Evaluation. This helps determine a child or teen athlete’s strengths and areas for improvement. After the evaluation, the athlete and/or parent will meet with the coach at our sports training facility near Rohrerstown, PA to review the results and develop a training plan.

Athletic Training near Rohrerstown, PA

Our coaches help young athletes focus on developing foundational athletic skills while improving the young athlete’s self-confidence. This athletic training program near Rohrerstown, PA has been proven to enhance speed, agility, coordination, running technique, strength, flexibility and injury prevention. Young athletes will be challenged in a fun and friendly environment to ensure that they are engaged and motivated to give 100%.

Each session has two components: a movement component that teaches sports athletes how to develop game-changing speed and agility, and a strength component that will make any athlete explosively powerful, functionally strong, and exceptionally conditioned while preventing against injury. Whereas many programs only improve performance in a gym near Rohrerstown, PA, our advanced, research-backed methods of training deliver results that transfer to where it matters most - on the field.

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