15 Ways to get motivated to exercise
15 Ways to get motivated to exercise

If you’re making a commitment to live healthier, congratulations! There are many ways to keep yourself motivated to exercise and make healthy choices. Here are my top 15 recommendations to stay on track:

Infographic - 15 Ways to get motivated to exercise

  1. Read success stories of others. Reading testimonials about the success of others can be very inspirational; you might be able to relate to many of their real-life challenges and triumphs.
  2. Envision how you are going to look and feel. Picture a “fitter you” to help inspire your next workout. What’s your favorite outfit that you wish you would feel fantastic in? How happy would you feel being able to physically keep up with your kids or grandkids?
  3. Set realistic on-going goals. Setting realistic, achievable goals is very motivating. It could be anything from losing a few pounds, being able to walk a mile around the track, or running your first 5K.
  4. Seek the help of a fitness coach or trainer. Working with a trainer will give you the education, support, and motivation you need.
  5. Keep an exercise log. This will help you set goals, see your progress, and have a sense of accomplishment.
  6. Don’t do it alone. Recruit a friend or two to exercise with you for extra encouragement. In return, you’ll help motivate them.
  7. Take Group Training or Team Training classes. The benefits of getting involved in a group fitness or training program  are incredible! From BODYPUMP to Aqua Fitness, or from Boxing to Yoga, the energy from the instructors and other class participants is contagious!
  8. Remember how amazing you feel! There is nothing like the feeling after a great workout. The sense of accomplishment and the “high” you’ll feel will keep you going all day. Remember that great feeling for the next time!
  9. Release your stress. All wound up from life’s daily ups and downs? There is nothing better at getting rid of stress  than physical activity.
  10. Make exercise convenient. If you are going to have trouble making a class on a certain day or time, try a virtual fitness class at a time that works with your schedule.
  11. If guilt works, then use it! If you feel sluggish due to a missed workout, turn that negative into a positive and use it as a motivator to make exercise a priority the next day!
  12. Think about how much better you’ll sleep. Forget buying that new pillow or mattress; numerous studies have proven regular exercise improves your sleep quality.
  13. Vary your workout routine. You know the saying “variety is the spice of life?” The same holds true when it comes to an exercise program. Mix it up with different kinds of activities or programs so that you’re always challenging your mind and body. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
  14. Reward yourself. You’ve worked hard, so treat yourself to a massage, a new outfit, or something else you’ve always thought about, like personal training sessions
  15. Celebrate your success! There is nothing better than achieving goals that you set for yourself, whether big or small. So “bask in the glory” and use this positive feeling to keep you active and healthy all year long!

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