New Athletic Stretching Class

athletic stretching

If you consider yourself an athlete—whether you are competing professionally or pursuing sports on a more personal level in your free time—stretching is an extremely important activity to incorporate into…

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Are Private Swim Lessons Worth It?

private swim lesson

Swimming is a great skill to have. From competitive sports to just honing your basic survival skills, learning to swim is something that many Americans enjoy. Knowing how to swim…

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The Importance of SilverSneakers ® Exercise

SilverSneakers® exercise

  Have you heard about Universal Athletic Club’s line-up of seniors exercise classes? SilverSneakers® yoga and fitness classes promote fitness and continued mobility for older adults and seniors—and they’re appropriate…

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Yoga Studio Summer 2021 Lineup

yoga practice center studio

Summer is here, and there’s no better time to get fit. Universal Athletic Club’s newly renovated space has a hot lineup of yoga and fitness classes to help you kick…

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Align your Yoga Practice & Your Life!

5 Elements to Align your Yoga Practice & Your Life

True North Alignment True North Alignment is the basis of all the poses practiced in Baptiste Yoga.  It is a neutral and natural alignment that will bring about a lifetime of health…

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Take a Child’s Pose

child's pose

Just as when learning to read “… you begin with ABC”.  In Yoga you start with Child’s pose, (which is also sometimes called Balasana) this is a very basic pose & great place to start your Yoga practice.The heated yoga practice starts in child’s pose and ends in Savasana (or corpse pose) a full circle of life in one practice.

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YOGA FAQ’s at Universal Athletic Club


We’re glad our members are enjoying our newly renovated Studio 5 now featuring Heated Power Yoga, in addition to our wellness-enhancing BODYFLOW, Pilates and “regular temperature” Yoga classes. All member…

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