Chin-ups vs Pull-ups

Both chin-ups (supinated) and pull-ups (pronated) are great movements for strength, muscle, and performance; they’re (unsurprisingly) similar from a muscular standpoint in that they mostly target the same muscle groups,…

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The Exercise You Should Be Doing #4

📝 It’s easy to categorize exercises like split squats and lunges as knee-dominant since they involve a “push” through the front leg. Likewise, exercises that involve a “pull” through the…

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Align Your Yoga Practice in Lancaster

yoga practice center studio

While yoga originated in India, it’s popularity in the U.S. has skyrocketed. Not only can your yoga practice help with both flexibility and mobility, it’s also been shown to help…

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How and Why To Use Sleds

Sleds are a great tool for training just about every physical quality there is, (obviously) depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Why? For a lot of reasons, but here…

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Resting is Not Always the Answer


When an athlete experiences pain and/or an injury, one of the most common responses is to ice the injured area, take some ibuprofen, and rest. The problem with this approach,…

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Knees over Toes? Good or bad?

In 1978, a study came out suggesting that letting your knees travel over your toes is “bad” for your knees, an idea that caught on and stayed around for quite…

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