7 Tips for Cutting Back on Sugar

(7 Tips to Cut Back Your Sugar Intake) Article by: JACQUELINE KAMINSKI, NASM SUGAR IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL…right? Or is this school of thought somewhat outdated? Sugar… Let’s…

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squat alternatives for legs

Article by KINSEY MAHAFFEY, NASM 8 OF THE BEST SQUAT ALTERNATIVES FOR STRONGER LEGS What leg exercises can you do to get stronger legs without having to do squats? I’m…

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Chin-ups vs Pull-ups

chin-ups vs pull-ups

Both chin-ups (supinated) and pull-ups (pronated) are great movements for strength, muscle, and performance; they’re (unsurprisingly) similar from a muscular standpoint in that they mostly target the same muscle groups,…

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The Exercise You Should Be Doing #4

📝 It’s easy to categorize an exercise like split squats and lunges as knee-dominant since they involve a “push” through the front leg. Likewise, exercises that involve a “pull” through…

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The Exercise You Should Be Doing #3

The 2-KB racked Slide Board Lateral Lunge⁣ ⁣ Whether it’s to improve athletic performance, reduce injury risk, improve movement quality, want to exercise, or chase down fly balls in beer…

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The Exercise You Should Be Doing #2

Bear crawls are a hugely underrated and under-utilized exercise. Assuming they’re done right – unlike the sloppy bear crawls that everyone did in 6th grade gym class – they can…

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